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Chrystal & Robin

The most adorable couple I’ve met yet. Truly adorable that it makes the whole session easier. Nonetheless, thank you for having me & breaking my comfort zone by having part of the session in the very crowded IKEA. Have I told you, I LOVE SHOOTING IN IKEA?! It was so much fun. So many furniture, so many things to do! Chrystal & Robin were pretty sporting to amuse themselves with the furniture & props in the showroom. And boy, can they eat or what?! We ended the whole session with a HUGE spread of wings, daim cakes, meatballs & salmon. Till next time! x

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Aidah & Rohaizad

I always panicked whenever my clients suggested Gardens By The Bay. Only because I don’t prefer crowds staring at me & the couple all the freaking time. Not cool larh. Hah! Anyways, it was a lovely air-conditioned dome indeed & we need not worry about sweat at all! Though, they did get wet. Haha! To Aidah & Rohaizad, looking forward to seeing you again in March for your big day! x

Makeup & hair by FaceWorks by Juliana Naim

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