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Sofia & Paizal with Hann Harisz

It was a lovely afternoon. Hann was really bewildered about what’s going on. He looked around despite Mummy’s effort trying to distract him. Lol! Of course, as kids, definitely after an hour of warming up, Hann started to have fun on his own. It was an short but an enjoyable one. Hope you like it! x















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Aidah & Rohaizad

I always panicked whenever my clients suggested Gardens By The Bay. Only because I don’t prefer crowds staring at me & the couple all the freaking time. Not cool larh. Hah! Anyways, it was a lovely air-conditioned dome indeed & we need not worry about sweat at all! Though, they did get wet. Haha! To Aidah & Rohaizad, looking forward to seeing you again in March for your big day! x

Makeup & hair by FaceWorks by Juliana Naim

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Nisa & Kamal with Qystina & Qalesya

If there’s anything that spells “A for Effort”, it’s Nisa & Kamal’s family. Firstly, thank you for making this photoshoot a memorable one. Ok so, it’s BACK TO SCHOOL which initially I thought it was gonna be modernized with pinafores & cute pigtails but when she showed me that she’s wearing the ol’ Kampong style school uniforms, I panicked! I had to watch the late Yasmin Ahmad’s movies to be inspired. However, when you add not one, but TWO adorable kids, you know you’re gonna play by the ear. They laugh, they cry, they poop, they want ice-cream and they will take a long time to warm up with a stranger *points to oneself*… But it was all good when Mummy & Daddy helped alot to make everything fun & exciting for them. Love the colors & the energy on the 2nd half of the shoot. Woot!

Makeup & hair by FaceWorks by Juliana Naim

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The Isbahs

So the story was, it was her graduation & their wedding anniversary.. so for a smart mother, you pa-ka-liao everything in one! Hahaha! At first, I was pretty scared with Mr Isbah because he looked so stern but it turned out that he was the funny one who cheered the entire family. The kids were pretty tough, I kid you not. If you think shooting babies are hard.. Try shooting these children. After a few bribes & motivation from the parents, they start to loosen up & enjoying the session. It ended off with a blast & I hope Fariza & the rest of the Isbah family love the photos! x

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