Name: Natasha Salleh.
Kiera Roxanne, well.. let’s just say, something she wanted to become.

Recently finished second runner up for Mediacorp’s The Big Shot 2 (Singapore) , her photography experience has since been exciting for she’s known for the motivating “never say never” attitude.

a trendsetter and a trendfollower.
a photographer and a camwhore.
an eccentric and a logic.

first impression counts,
she’ll leave it at that.

Her passion for photography still tops everything else.
(besides her collection of shoes, that is.)

She started venturing photography since 2006.
Equipped with only a small pink digital camera then, it started off by snapping away random objects like chairs and dustbins just to get her motivated.

Inspired by the captures of people like Henri Cartier Bresson, Max Wanger & Terry Richardson, she is now more keen into capturing the emotions of people & street photography, ranging from kids smudging their faces with ice-creams to graffiti walls.

Now she realizes, her passion has become an addiction.

For weddings/engagements/events photography or viewing of portfolio,
drop her a mail or call her at +65 91185719.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Wana says:

    Hui you! Hope you are doing gr8 😉

  2. Mr. Roberts says:

    wah! ur ‘her’ is very how do u say… specific. hardcore man.

  3. roger says:

    always thought u were a guy on clubsnap. lol.

  4. wurrfit says:

    love your works! im a fellow wedding photographer based in singapore. do visit our site and leave a comment 🙂

  5. My name actually is Kiera Roxanne, last name Rain. 🙂 Nice to meet you!

  6. SAR says:

    I am proud if you!

  7. i know how u feel when photography is top of everything else..!
    i feel the as u do…:)
    really enjoy ur work…
    very nice shots and moments ur have here…
    wanna meet you if i had a chance!!..
    gud luck and keep it up!

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