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Noreen & Nabil

A sneak peak of their lovely outdoor engagement session. It was such a lovely day until we were welcomed by tormenting rain that just basically depressed me. But they were sporting enough to beat the weather & got soaked wet thus welcoming the rain with open arms… cheh cheh.. Haha! Nonetheless, a success story & I’m looking forward to their big day!

Makeup & hair by Faceworks by Juliana Naim

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Nora & Din: The Wedding

Held in Desa Kartika & Changi Village Hotel respectively, that weekend of matrimonial excuse for work was one of the fun(nest) I had. Met Nora with Fad from RollingFrames for lunch, thinking I’m gonna meet her for the first time, we actually partied together briefly at Avalon Go two years ago. (Speaking of small world.) Having her family & friends was such a joy to the entent I was receiving “VIP treatment” from dearest mother for she made me her kick-ass teh tarik in a tumbler. (THE BEST, I TELL YA!) Din on the other hand was such a corny guy. The awkward-at-first-till-he-starts-to-move-or-speak-then-it’s-the-funniest-shit-ever kinda guy. All in all, it was a lovely wedding. Great company, great food, great ambience, great booze… *laughs* Congratulations to the both of you!

Videography by RollingFrames
Bridal by Grandeur Fai

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