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Maria & Azlan

So forget Momok Maria for this is the sneak peak of their lovely engagement session! Their shoot was my first after a long hiatus from Ramadhan, so imagine the pressure I had… and then… it started to rain cats & dogs making me the most nervous wreck ever! Thanks to Maria for being annoyingly positive & keep on having the hype up by singing… and singing.. The evening however ended lovely with no rain & the hype still intact. Wedding bells soon! xMakeup & hair by¬†FaceWorks by Juliana Naim

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Preview: Noreen & Nabil

Preview: Noreen & Nabil

The unpredictability of the word called ‘weather’. So you adapt & kick the rain’s ass again! Heh.

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The Isbahs

So the story was, it was her graduation & their wedding anniversary.. so for a smart mother, you pa-ka-liao everything in one! Hahaha! At first, I was pretty scared with Mr Isbah because he looked so stern but it turned out that he was the funny one who cheered the entire family. The kids were pretty tough, I kid you not. If you think shooting babies are hard.. Try shooting these children. After a few bribes & motivation from the parents, they start to loosen up & enjoying the session. It ended off with a blast & I hope Fariza & the rest of the Isbah family love the photos! x

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