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Sofia & Paizal with Hann Harisz

It was a lovely afternoon. Hann was really bewildered about what’s going on. He looked around despite Mummy’s effort trying to distract him. Lol! Of course, as kids, definitely after an hour of warming up, Hann started to have fun on his own. It was an short but an enjoyable one. Hope you like it! x















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Mother’s Day Special!


Have your moments captured with possibly the best woman in your life with Kiera Roxanne Photography’s Mother’s Day Special!

Children of the world, what’s the best gift besides a lavish handbag (haha!) will your momma appreciate but a wall of photos of her precious family… And husbands, your deeds are due. (haha again!) And women, just email your children’s daddy this link with some pretty doe-eyes & all is good!

What are you waiting for? Come & celebrate mother’s love with me! Your proud momma will not regret it, I promise. x

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