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Mira & Sulaiman with Danish Ilhan

How time flies. It was only couple years ago, I was doing Mira & cousins shoot followed by Mira & Sulaiman’s wedding.. And now you see a family blossomed from those love. Taken in the new humble abode, it was a quick photoshoot. My first encounter with Danish & I think he doesn’t like me cos he was crying almost the entire session. One grumpy baby they got there! Hah! All went well towards the end & hopefully another shoot with a second one! Insyallah. x

Makeup & hijab by FaceWorks by Juliana Naim

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Shy & Damai

When I first met them, Damai was like, “Ok I tell you first uh… I’m a very cranky person.” Jialat…. Die larh. Hah! But the shoot was superbly fun! The rain subsided & bam, a horse magically appeared to go along with their Runaway Bride theme. Drama much? Hah! The horse however scared me shitless. All goes well, it ended up to be a pretty long evening with me shooting & Damai directing me what kinda poses she wanted. Which is great because I don’t need to think so much. Hah! Looking forward to their 10-11-12 wedding coming! Enjoy these pictures, yo!

Makeup by Wiya Zahar from Faceworks by Juliana Naim

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